Thursday, October 08, 2009

Got Your Tickets Yet?

I don't think anybody that knows me will be surprised to know that I already have mine. If any local friends would like to join me, I'll be at the theater at the Foothills Mall on Wednesday, October 28th at 10:45 am. I'm thinking of also getting tickets to the 9pm show the night before so I can see the movie baby-free. If you show up to either, it should be easy to find me. I'll be the one in the front row weeping silently into my tub of popcorn...:)

Friday, October 02, 2009


Well, we knew it was only a matter of time but baby girl has discovered the stairs. Life will never be the same, at least until she learns how to come down...

Am I in trouble?
All the way to the top!

So proud of herself.

Contemplating getting down...

Shall I take a header???
No worries, we had a brief 'feet first, belly scoot' lesson. If that doesn't work, we'll try the 'sit down, get down' method.

Refueling after a good climb.

That's my girl!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Playing is Serious Business

Meili On the Go

When we met our sweet girl in China, she could sit up but was too overwhelmed with all of the changes in her life to do much else. Now, all that is beginning to change...

She's been crawling for quite a while, but is now comfortable enough to crawl away from Mom for short periods of time-a huge development!

About a month ago, she began to do this trick which we refered to as 'downward facing dog.'

To our surprise, she was not doing yoga but was trying to stand up in the center of the room!

Now, she is taking steps-about 10-15 at a time!

Apparently, climbing will be her next endeavor...

I just love this little person!

Hey, Ann-recognize the dress? :)

Where's Your...


Eye? (wish she wouldn't point to her eye BALL but oh, well)

She can also point to her teeth and her belly button (our favorite.) She is such a smart little girl. It is so fun to watch her learn and grow every day!