Thursday, November 30, 2006

Another 14 LID Days Down...

and six months of LIDs more to go. At this rate, it will be another year yet before we see Meili's face and if that is the case, she probably hasn't been born yet. Ugh.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Secret Pal Thanks!!!!

We came home from our trip to CA Sunday night and found a package waiting on our doorstep. My secret (to you, not me) pal left for a big trip recently, so I wasn't expecting a package. I'm feeling pretty special that she made the time to mail a package to me in the middle of her travel preparations! She sent a wonderful gift-a drum filled with a multitude of bug-inspired musical instruments. And yes, there's a ladybug in there! If Meili is anything like her brothers and sister, things that make noise will be a huge hit!!! Thanks again, secret pal. Your kindness and generosity each month help smooth the bumps in the adoption road!

PS-Can't wait to hear all about your trip!!!

Four Heads-Then and Now



Next year, hopefully a fifth head in the lineup!

Family Photo Shoot in the Park...

In the Greens, we have our brood.

In the Blues, we have Matt's sister and her family.

Matt's brother and family in the Browns.

The two that started it all...

and the whole crew-18!

Friday, November 24, 2006

More Lion King Pics

Matt and the Drama Queen
Grandma has her eyes shut in many of her pictures. Sadly, I have inherited this gene...
Taylor, forcing a smile.
My Dad and Mom

Nants ingonyama Bagithi baba

According to my research, that's the first line of 'Circle of Life' in the Lion King. Still not sure how to say it and still convinced that the line ends with "Konichiwa" but, anyway....

We missed Lion King when it came to Tucson (read-We could have gotten tickets but they would have been $150 a piece by the time we got around to looking into buying them...) but were able to get 16 tickets in LA (for about the price of 2 in Tucson!) We had a blast going to the play with almost Jenn's entire family. We were only missing Jason and Co. and a couple of babies. Dad was behind the camera and Jeff refused to be photographed as usual.
The Pantages is a beautiful, old and ornately designed theatre located in Hollywood. There are Walk of Fame stars on both sides of this street. There wasn't a bad seat in the house!

Here's Brice (BIL), Julie (sister-but not his wife), Taylor, Noah and Matt waiting to be seated.
Ha! Gotcha Jeff!
Noah-up WAY past his bedtime but happy as a clam. (The play started at 8pm LA time which would be 9pm in Noah's brain.)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Is this the best Thanksgiving pic or what? Just love W's face in this!!! We are heading out to California for some fun with both of our families-too much good food on Thursday, too much shopping and tickets to The Lion King on Friday, Park,Picnic and Family Photos on Saturday and back home on Sunday. It will be another quick trip but we are looking forward to seeing our families again. I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday with all of the people that you are most thankful for! Referrals next week???

Friday, November 10, 2006

Behind the 8 Ball...

8 months since LID and counting! I actually started to write a post about being 9 months since LID. It was quite depressing to realize that although it seems like we have been waiting our entire lives for Meili, it has only in fact been 8 months since we hopped in line for this crazy roller coaster ride. Even though each month we are seeing that our referral is only getting farther away, I'm holding out hope that we will see increases of astronomical proportions in the number of referrals that come out after the first of the year. It's about time for some good news!

One Tired Post-Op Puppy

Our little juice fiend had to be put out this morning to have two cavities filled. (There goes my Mother of the Year award.) My husband and I took him into the dentist's office and they gave him a shot in his arm. I don't have any experience with drug use but this event has sealed the deal that I will never have an interest in it. My poor little guy went loopy then fell asleep WITH HIS EYES OPEN. To see my whirling durbish (sp?) catatonic like that creeped me out-I had to leave the room. What was really scary is that he didn't wake up until about 5 hours after we had brought him home, then he was staggering like a drunk for another hour or so. Thankfully, by dinnertime, he was back to about normal and driving us nuts like his usual self.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

We're In Review!!!

I just opened an email from our agency that confirmed my suspicion...WE ARE IN REVIEW!!! Since January is out of review and usually there are two months in review at a time, I guessed that we were in there (LID 3-10-06). I have to admit that I had a little 'moment' seeing it in print. It will be even better to see that we are out of review in the next few months-especially since there are some things in my health history that might raise a few Asian eyebrows... This wait sucks nuts but it is nice to see a little progress. We are getting closer, Meili!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Disneyland...before the camera batteries died

Noah, Audrey and a rarely photographed Uncle Jeff on the Tea Cups
Not sure what Taylor hates worse-that mom has arms around him in the picture, or that he is in a PINK elephant...
Grandma Judy and Xander
We had a fabulous time at the happiest place on earth. We went on a Thursday and for some strange reason, we were able to walk right onto almost every ride. It was great to have Grandma Judy and Uncle Jeff along. They were great company and with 4 kids we don't often get a 1 to 1 child to adult ratio. It makes a big difference!!!