Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter 2007!

Whew! What a day! Audrey woke up at 4 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep she was so excited. The dog barking for his breakfast finally got us out of bed around 7. The kids each got waterguns in their baskets and a water war ensued. They must have been at it for an hour and a half. Matt and I sat in the porch swing with the dog in our laps and watched the kids have fun. Matt noted that there was a dog in my lap and our children were playing with weapons-two things I swore I'd never allow. There must be a tatoo somewhere in my future...

Last night we made Empty Tomb Cookies-very cool! Each ingredient has a corresponding Easter scripture. When the dough is mixed and dropped on cookie sheets, you place them in the oven, turn it off and tape the door shut. You don't take them out until morning and the centers are hollow. A new tradition! After we checked out our cookies, we had a late breakfast and colored eggs.

We had church from 2-4, came home and had an early dinner-ham, 'funeral potatoes' (you know, the evil cheesy ones?), asparagus and rolls. We waddled into the living room and watched Grease with the kids. Funny, I don't remember noticing all the sexual innuendo when I saw this movie as a kid. Now that I know what the words to 'Greased Lightning' are, I'm actually shocked that the movie got a PG rating in 1978. Did they sneak that in there recently or have I just now become a prude?

Where were we? Oh yeah, Easter. I hope that everyone had a wonderful day!

Easter Water War 2007

Coloring Eggs at Noon on Easter-Better late than never, right?

A Rare Moment- All 4 kids clean at the same time!

The End of an Era-Taylor has informed me that he is DONE with the matching outfits. I love this guy!


Alyson & Ford said...

You guys are all too funny!
Happy Easter a day late.
Looks like you are all bearing the long wait in family style.


Lee-Anne said...

Hey, you got em matching as long as you could?!!! Sounds like you had a fantastic day! I saw the recipe for the cookies on Deb's site, gotta try them next year!

Happy Easter, Bouton's!!! May there be one more in the brood next Easter... if not - I'm gonna be really really mad!!!

jennifer said...

I have three boys as well, and mine just decided they wouldn't match anymore either (the oldest is 10). Oh well, such is life. Hope your wait isn't too much longer. We're just starting, so it should be interresting!