Monday, January 28, 2008

Xander and Meili

No, not our Meili in case the crazy thought crossed anyone's mind. Last Friday, we had a great time meeting up with Dana and her Meili and Shannon at the zoo. As always, it was great to hang out with ladies who 'speak the language' and Dana is now a more valuable asset than ever with her BTDT experience. It was great to hear about her trip and see how well Meili is doing!

We also headed over to the In-n-Out conveniently located across the street. When I told Xander that we were going to meet Meili at the zoo, he thought that I meant OUR Meili. So, I had to spend a few moments before we headed out the door showing him Dana's blog and explaining the concept that names and people don't always occur in a one to one ratio...;o)

He was enthralled with Meili and insisted on sitting next to her at I-N-O. When Dana got up to refill a drink, Xander leaned over and whispered to Meili, 'Ni jiao shenme mingzi?' ('What is your name' in Chinese!) He has been listening intently to our Mandarin CD's and thought that he finally had a practice buddy-what a crack up!

To say that I have some catching up to do on this blog is an understatement. I'll see what I can do!


Ava's family said...

Awwww, what a cute picture! I sure can't wait to see a picture of Xander and YOUR Meili....We sure have waited a long time, huh?! Crazy me thinks that if they get to the 30th this month we have a chance of seeing our girls in 2008. Trying not to get too exited, but it's hard.

Dana said...

Just checked in on you and wa la....there is my baby. Not biased or anything but dang she is cute. Dana Here's hoping for a bigger batch this month that brings you closer to your Meili :)

Kara said...

Hi Jenn,
It's so great to see your posts. How cute that Xander practiced his Chinese! We sure do miss your efficiency as we work towards getting Audrey "re-adopted" here.
Kara Hung in ND :-)