Wednesday, December 14, 2005

....And Waiting.....

Nope, no I-171H yet. I am convinced that they are carving it into a stone tablet! It seems to be taking FOREVER. On a lighter note, we did receive an e-mail from our agency stating that all of our other documents have been successfully certified and authenticated. That is exciting but means that USCIS is officially holding us up. I need that form to come so I can do something besides stalk my own mail box for a change!


Shelli said...

Is your area USCIS that quick in issuing I-171H's? We are at 5 weeks since fingerprinting and I defintely do not expect ours until after the holidays. Even though I stalk my mailbox daily, too... Just in case!!

I hope it comes very soon!

Jenn said...

Shelli,Thanks for the comment. Hearing about your wait definitely puts mine into perspective...I'll quit my boohooing. We do know of a family that received their I-171H here in Tucson 11 days after their fingerprinting. We didn't expect to be quite that quick but we didn't plan on doubling their wait either. Good luck in your quest for DTC!---Jenn

Lisa & Jeff said...

We live in Michigan and USCIS is
a nightmare here. We sent our homestudy in end of October and were fingerprinted November 12. I stalk the mailbox everyday. The website claims they are now working
on August application's! I am still "hoping" that we receive something soon. It stink's when
you just need that one last piece of paper. Hope your's comes soon!