Friday, November 24, 2006

Nants ingonyama Bagithi baba

According to my research, that's the first line of 'Circle of Life' in the Lion King. Still not sure how to say it and still convinced that the line ends with "Konichiwa" but, anyway....

We missed Lion King when it came to Tucson (read-We could have gotten tickets but they would have been $150 a piece by the time we got around to looking into buying them...) but were able to get 16 tickets in LA (for about the price of 2 in Tucson!) We had a blast going to the play with almost Jenn's entire family. We were only missing Jason and Co. and a couple of babies. Dad was behind the camera and Jeff refused to be photographed as usual.
The Pantages is a beautiful, old and ornately designed theatre located in Hollywood. There are Walk of Fame stars on both sides of this street. There wasn't a bad seat in the house!

Here's Brice (BIL), Julie (sister-but not his wife), Taylor, Noah and Matt waiting to be seated.
Ha! Gotcha Jeff!
Noah-up WAY past his bedtime but happy as a clam. (The play started at 8pm LA time which would be 9pm in Noah's brain.)

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