Friday, November 10, 2006

One Tired Post-Op Puppy

Our little juice fiend had to be put out this morning to have two cavities filled. (There goes my Mother of the Year award.) My husband and I took him into the dentist's office and they gave him a shot in his arm. I don't have any experience with drug use but this event has sealed the deal that I will never have an interest in it. My poor little guy went loopy then fell asleep WITH HIS EYES OPEN. To see my whirling durbish (sp?) catatonic like that creeped me out-I had to leave the room. What was really scary is that he didn't wake up until about 5 hours after we had brought him home, then he was staggering like a drunk for another hour or so. Thankfully, by dinnertime, he was back to about normal and driving us nuts like his usual self.

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