Wednesday, January 10, 2007

10 Months LID

10 months. Double Digits. That's getting somewhere, right?

Yesterday, day 2 with the kids all back in school but one, 3 year-old X said, "I'm all alone. I want Meili to come so I can play with her." Me too, little guy...and what am I? chopped liver?

We are just days away from the first official 'Desert Dwellers' China adoption get-together. There are seven of us planning to attend. I'll finally get to meet internet-pal, Dana! We are meeting at a Mexican restaurant, getting pedicures and then coming back to my house for dessert and fun. I haven't cleaned this much since before our home study, but I can't wait!!!


Lisa & Jeff said...

Congrats on having 10 months down. I've been starting to think this year might be our year least until the next batch comes and stomps on that dream!

Kramer said...

Congrats on the big 10! Keep those months coming!

Kim M. said...

Happy 10 months!!!!!!