Monday, January 01, 2007

Feb DTC Secret Pal Revealed!

...and it is none other than Megi Bilicki! Megi has spoiled us rotten over the past several months with her wonderful gifts and this month was no exception. She sent an adorable ladybug that will eventually end up in Meili's room, but for now is in the entry way. There was also a Chinese Cookbook that I can't wait to try out, baby washcloths, baby hair clips, Chocolate (I'll give you one guess as to why it is not pictured!), a beautiful fleece blanket,pink journal and 'A Letter to Santa' book. We sure hope thatMeili will be home next year to enjoy it!

Thank you so much,Megi! Your gifts have definitely been a highlight in our home. The kids have really enjoyed 'helping' to open them and,in the absence of a growing belly, the gifts have helped our youngest ones to realize that a little sister will indeed join our family one day. We have included a snapshot of each month's gifts in our 'Waiting for Meili' video so she will know that we were not alone in counting down the months until her arrival.

I just have to say that there just doesn't seem to be anything like the support that you find within the China adoption community. I can't think of a better bunch of people to align ourselves with. I hope that even though the swap has ended, we can continue to keep in touch!

Thanks so much,

Jenn and Family

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