Wednesday, February 14, 2007

American Idol Geeks Go to Concert

If you didn't know it already, we are major American Idol geeks. We don't miss a show if we can help it and it definitely is a family affair. We eat and clean up dinner early, pop popcorn and take our various positions on the couch and floor in the family room. The kids watch and take notes, then take turns voting when it is over. About half way through the season, we have usually each come up with our favorites. Last season, Chris (aka Mom's boyfriend) was mine.

Last week, I heard that Daughtry was coming to town and mentioned it to Matt lamenting that it probably wasn't in the budget and would be quite a feat to find someone to watch the kids so late on a school night. He response was, "Buy the tickets. We'll make it work... Happy Valentine's Day."

The show last night was AMAZING! Man, he can sing and he looked like he was having a great time. I loved when he said, "Hey, you guys have the album!" He was surprised to hear people singing the words back to him and you could tell that he was very humbled by the experience.

The fact that he came to our town at all is very cool. Usually we would have to go to Phoenix or at least Tempe to see a concert-probably why we haven't been to a concert since we've moved here! He (they?) played at a little bar downtown-about 300 people there-cozy to say the least. Apparently I was the only person who read the rules online about not bringing cameras or recording devices. I wish that I had mine. We were only about 10 feet away-could have got some great shots. ;o(

I spent most of my teen years with boy band posters on my bedroom walls and a deep-seeded obsession with Michael Jackson (go ahead and laugh,but you know I'm not the only one.) Now that I'm almost 14 years into marriage and almost 5 children into motherhood, there is something very attractive about a faithful husband and devoted father that can rock a bald head. I was very happy to go home with mine...minus the bald head, that is! Buy the album-let's keep this guy in business!


Lisa & Jeff said...

Michael Jackson??? I was more of a Rick Springfield kind of girl!

Mom-of-5 said...

Well we are geek family #2. Clean-up, pop-corn, a family affair...the entire routine.
We love it!