Friday, February 23, 2007

Fountain Hills

The kids had a 4-day weekend so we packed up the tent-trailer and headed out of town. We had read in a magazine about an art and crafts fair with a hot air balloon launch and camping nearby. It was a great time-a perfect combination of nature and civilization. We hiked about 8 miles and the kids hardly complained! Taylor is working on merit badges for scouts so he took care of most of the cooking and cleaning so I actually got to relax for a change. We also went into town for the arts fair. We picked up a few watercolors on silk by a Chinese artist. Can't wait to hang them up someplace!

Proof that there is indeed a fountain in Fountain Hills.
The prospect of having 5 kids is great when the first 4 are like these!
Taylor in his wash.
On the trail.

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