Saturday, March 10, 2007

Happy 100th Anniversary UPS!

Matt has worked for UPS for almost 14 years and has to be one of their most loyal employees. He waves at all UPS drivers that we pass on the road even though they don't know him from Adam. The kids have a running game to see if they can be the first to see a UPS truck on the road. They will shout, "UPS TRUCK-I GET A POINT!!!" I find it a bit strange that no one ever accumulates points. Apparently everyone goes back to zero after each sighting... Matt insists that even though our agency sends out all referral info with Fed Ex, they will have to make an exception for us. He refuses to accept such an important delivery from his 'mortal enemy.'
The kiddos at the 100th anniversary celebration.
The kids got to race package cars down a pinewood derby track. Noah's car won!
Taylor and Matt competed against each other in a 'load the truck' competition. Taylor won! Matt wasn't too sore of a loser-he manages a few departments in the customer service center so his loading expectations weren't too high.

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