Monday, March 05, 2007

Ladybug Sightings

Last Monday, I met my friend and fellow Waiting Desert Dweller, Shannon (who PROMISES to have a blog up and running soon), for lunch. McD's works really well for us. The boys can play for hours and we can have a salad and 'China Chat' with few interruptions. It is so good to have a local DTC pal-someone who speaks the language! It always helps when we get together and let it all out, compare home study update notes, etc. Check out the cool treat she brought for us! They are chocolate ladybugs filled with chocolate baby ladybugs-and there are 5 of them!!! We have eaten one and are saving the other one for our anxiously awaited yet dreaded 1 year LIDversary which is coming up on Saturday for us. Thanks Shannon!!!

Ladybug sighting #2 mysteriously appeared in the mail on Saturday. It came in an envelope addressed to our family with our own address as the return address. Sneaky. To make the feat of figuring out who sent it even worse, it had postage attached but no postmark so I don't have a clue where it came from. I would guess that it came from someone local who could have just popped it into our mailbox but it arrived with the rest of our mail and I don't think that whoever sent it would have wasted 2 stamps if they knew they were going to drive by and leave it in our mailbox. I don't recognize the handwriting but thought of comparing it to home study applications to see if one of my China clients could be the culprit. Hee! Hee! This is fun. I do love a surprise but I AM driving myself nuts trying to figure out who is responsible. If it is you, fess up and tell me how you knew that referrals were on their way!!! (FYI-Referrals arrived today for LIDs of October 14-October 24, 2005. 11 Days. Whoop. eee.)
With our LID of March 10, 2005 my latest guesstimation is a referral in December of 2007/travel in February of 2008. We have a sneaky suspicion that Meili will be born in April. That would make her 8 months at referral and 10 months on Gotcha Day. Just for kicks, let me toss out there that I'm guessing that she will be from the Hunan Province. Hard to believe that someday we will have the facts and all of this guessing will be a thing of the past....can't wait.

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