Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hodge Podge

Nothing happening that is worthy of it's own post, so here's the bullet list.

  • Started taking Mandarin last Thursday night at the Chinese Cultural Center. Very cool! Comparing it to earning my Spanish minor, I'll trade 4 tones for conjugating verbs anyday! Our teacher is caucasian and speaks PERFECT Mandarin. I'm inspired!
  • I was asked to speak in church on Mother's Day. Just what every mom wants, right? It went ok, glad it's over.
  • Three weeks left of my hip hop for moms class. There's a bit too much hips in my hop and the English major in me has serious issues with the grammar in the song lyrics but it is a fun class. We come out sweating so that has to be burning a few calories at least, right?
  • Xander commented out of the blue yesterday that he wants to have TWO baby sisters. Yikes!
  • My 11 year-old has maturation clinics at school today. Seems like just yesterday that he was a zygote. Now he's learning about them. Makes me feel old...
  • Rumor has it that we could see a big batch of referrals this time around-possibly 16-21 days worth. If that happens, it may light a fire under me to start making preparations for Meili again. I may even muster up enough energy to start renewing my home study and I-600a. Right now, it seems useless.
  • The kids only have 6 more days of school left. Heaven help me! Actually, I'm excited. I've got tons of activities planned so every night by 8 o'clock, they should be begging for bedtime! I have lofty goals of completing Meili's quilt and catching up on all of the scrapbooks. We shall see...
  • I'm getting very excited for a trip back east with my mom in July. We are doing a bus tour starting in DC. We'll also spend a couple of days in NYC. We'll see Wicked and The Color Purple on Broadway. The Idol freak in me is very excited to see Fantasia in that! Hopefully, my Letterman tickets will come through. Apparently, they will call and I'll have to answer a trivia question to claim my tickets. We'll also see some church sites and end up at Niagara Falls. It's nice to have a trip coming up that I can actually plan for!
  • I'm trying to come up with some end of year teacher and bus driver gifts that are not too expensive (there are 15 between the 3 kids.) Any ideas?

Anyone know how come the bullets don't show up when I publish the post? They are there when I'm writing...argh.


L & J said...

I was going to ask where the bullets were! I couldn't tell you why they don't show up....So much I don't know about blogger!

jennifer said...

Sounds like our lives are pretty parallel. We're getting ready for summer around here too. The kids' last day of school was TODAY!! I hope I'm ready. I really hope that rumor is true, we could all use a little encouragement.

Holly Crawford said...

Hi Jennifer!
I just read your blog for May and my heart just aches for you and your family & this wait you must endure! Keep believing, it will happen. And when she does come, imagine the joy you will all feel!
Love, Holly (from Chinese class)

I love the pink & brown colors in the room!