Friday, May 11, 2007

Next To Worst Conceivable Rumor May Be True *UPDATED

I received a call today from my SW (who is also an agency director, my boss and a friend.) She shared with me over the phone a post to a Russia adoption forum about a person who in speaking with their own adoption agency about their own Russian adoption was informed as an aside that China is 'shutting down' and may consider reopening in 2010. I assume that 'shutting down' was the person's attempt to summarize the CC*A's intent to stop accepting dossiers and not 'shutting down' meaning 'Go home. No baby for you' for those of us already logged in. Even so, CRAP.

My 2 cents: My agency has said and stated in emails repeatedly that they speak with CC*A daily and assure us that they intend to continue to participate in IA. BUT...IF there really is a backlog of dossiers as big as we hear, and IF there really aren't enough paper ready babies to put a dent in the backlog, and IF the wait to referral could get as big as is rumored (three years!), and IF the new requirements didn't discourage as many applicants as CC*A hoped (in fact it resulted in a huge influx of applicants trying to beat the deadline which must have really ticked them off), THEN you have to wonder how responsible it is for the CC*A to continue to accept dossiers and agencies to continue to accept applications (and $) and allow families to put their lives on hold indefinitely while they wait endlessly for a referral. The thought of putting dossiers on halt has to have at least crossed their minds.

Anyhoo, back to the roller coaster ride...I of course went straight to the RQ site to see if there was anything to it and if I might have been the last person to find out which is often the case. There was nothing. I tried to post to the forum but after writing the post just didn't have the heart to send it so I deleted it.

Later in the day, I called Shannon-my local(!) DTC buddy and dropped the bomb on her. Sorry Shannon! She recommended that I PM RQ and let her make a judgement call. I did. Let's just say I wouldn't be surprised if it is tomorrow's post topic. It looks like I'm not the only one to come across this info. Looks like up is down and down is up in the world of China adoption. I dreamed a few weeks ago that we went to China and were given a unicorn! Today, a unicorn feels just as likely as getting a baby at the end of all this.


Sorry to have freaked you out, Heather.


Mom of 5 said...

Hang in there. It's so frustrating having been to China... Knowing the day we adopted Mia only 3 girls were adopted from her orphanage and there were 50 kids there. I wish more kiddo's were paper ready and moved through the IA system. I hope RQ responds-hopefully to give you some peace of mind. I feel for all of the folks waiting out there. I wouldn't in my wildest dreams think that I would be home almost a year and many of you still have not even seen your children.

As for Mia-Faith's outfit. Yes, I got it in China.

jennifer said...

Wow! That is huge. I am supposed to be DTC in a couple of weeks. I am prepared for an agonizing wait, but would be devistated if I couldn't submit my dossier. I am praying that your wait is short. You are so close! Hang in there.

Christie said...

Wow, nothing surprises me anymore...I'm past numb and only a month behind you at 13 months going on 14 the 29th of May.

Girl! What is happening with this program? When we started it was the shortest wait and the most stable and predictable program around. What can we expect? That was after all 2005!!!!! ARHGHGHGHGHG!

Hang in there...what else can we do?


OziMum said...

Not sure what happened... you blog stopped showing up on my bloglines! Anyway - you're back again (or should I say, I'M back again!!!) What a bummer about the CC*AA's new "consideration". At this point, I'm thankful, that we've been logged in nearly 15 months. Who ever thought I'd be thankful for that?!!!