Monday, October 22, 2007

Rocky Point 2007

What a weekend we have had! It was a bear to pack up and get out of town but so worth it. Here are a few pics:

Audrey hoped to get her hair braided this year and I hoped that we would have the opportunity to have it done before it turned into a ratted, sandy, salt-watery mess. Lucky for us, Maria arrived just as we pulled up to the condo. So, for 4 days I didn't have to worry about Audrey's hair. It was great!

Here's a view of the back.

Here's a shot of Noah mid-air jumping in the waves. This was a perfect vacation for the kids. They slept like rocks every night.
Here's Noah and his buddy Camden. We had such a great time with Cam and his parents, Shannon and Doug. Here's hoping that we spend some time with one another outside of the U.S. again sometime very soon. ;o) (Our LIDs are 3 days apart so we are hoping to travel to China at the same time...)
This is the second time that we have made the trip to Mexico with neighbors, friends and friends of friends. I think there were about 50 of us this year and about half were children. All of the kids had a blast and enjoyed the usual sand and water fun and other adventures like night time sand dollar hunts along the beach with flashlights and glow sticks. Here's Xander with some boating buddies.
Daddy's boy Audrey made a new pal, Ava, and they were inseparable for the four days of the trip.
I wouldn't trade this guy for anything!
Okay, let's play 'what is wrong with this picture?' Do you see it??? The title of this photo is My Four Children...and four of my toes. Ugh.

The Whole Brood on the beach.
Some observations from this trip were how nice it was to travel without a baby-although we would gladly have it the other way, and how nice it was to see the kids play with each other when they didn't have tv/video games, etc. to distract them. Here's a rare shot of A and T proving that they can in fact get along...
After almost eight hours in the car (4+ in line to cross the border) we made it home last night safe and sound. The kids are already asking to go back!


Ava's family said...

Sounds and looks like you guys had wonderful time! LOVE the picture of your 4 toes...Too funny.

OziMum said...

FANTASTIC! I looks a bit like Bali! Mikayla gets her hair braided when we go... very servicable when they swim all the time!!!

Great pics! Looks like everyone is having a ball!

Mom of 5 said...

Love your pictures !!
Looks like a blast.
Love the circle picture.

Emily said...

What a fun trip that must have been! Too bad we don't have October break in our school district. We are planning a trip to RP hopefully in March. Ps...can you email me the info on the condos you stayed in??

OziMum said...

Hope all is well - you haven't posted for a while? Couldn't get back into the swing of things after such a great time away?!!!

Thinking of you all!