Monday, November 26, 2007

All Aboard!

Just a day after the last of our houseguests left, we loaded the kids in the car for a surprise trip. It was so fun to torture them with clues and leave them wondering what we were up to. Eventually, we ended up checked into a hotel in Williams, AZ, near Flagstaff. The kids played at a park and enjoyed the holiday decorations. Then we ate dinner-more turkey!

After dinner, the kids (and adults!) changed into our pjs and headed over to the train depot to meet Mrs. Claus. We were lucky enough to have Xander's best church and preschool buddy, Evan and his mom join us on our trip. Xander felt pretty special to be the one with a friend along for an event!
How cute is this picture? They are on the lookout for the north pole.
Xander meeting the conductor.The boys' side of the train.
Once we reached the north pole, Santa boarded the train and gave each child a bell.
Needless to say, the kids slept quite well that night and the little boys played with toy trains for the duration of the 4 1/2 hr. drive home. the next morning. So glad that you could join us S and E!

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