Monday, February 11, 2008

Email From Noah's Primary (church) Teacher...

We had a great class yesterday. I was telling them a story from the New Testament about Jesus healing the blind and lame. I asked if they knew what "blind" meant. Of course they could tell me that. I then asked what "lame" meant. Noah raised his hand and I called on him. I could just see the gears working in his mind as he tried to come up with the words to describe it. He finally said, "It means to be not cool". I kept my cool and we talked about that being a phrase we use now days and what lame meant in the story.

Later I was telling my family about it. We all got a good laugh and I said, yeah I don't know how Jesus could cure "not cool". A son answered "he would give the guy sunglasses". Our whole family got to enjoy the bible story yesterday. Thanks Noah.