Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Dad Rocks...and Paves!

We haven't lived in the same state as our immediate families in the 14 years since we've been married. We always look forward to their visits. For my poor Dad, his visits usually involve helping us out with home projects. At our last house, he poured and finished an rv pad for us. He poured it on a Tuesday and we found out the following Friday that we were moving. =( He also came to stay with me when I was very pregnant with X, Matt had already transfered out of state and I was left behind with three kiddos and a house to sell. I made a list a mile long of things that needed to be done to the house and my Dad got every last item on the list done. Thanks to him, X was only born 3 weeks early and not 6 or 8. At our current house, Dad has helped haul tons of dirt out of our back yard and built a retaining wall. On his next trip out, he poured and finished a patio. You get the idea...

Recently, when we were putting together plans for my parents to come out and celebrate Grandma's 75th birthday at our house, I told my Mom to tell Dad that I promised to not put him to work this time. Then, some friends of ours offered us an extra pallet of pavers that they had leftover from their driveway. My poor Dad...

Here's the project in the preparation phase. Matt really enjoys working
with my Dad and always learns alot from him.
Coming together

All Done
I have a porch!
We are really enjoying the paved area. I come out and sit on the porch in the shade and watch X ride his scooter while I open the mail here in the mornings or sit and chat with my neighbor while our kids play in the afternoon. It really looks great and we have received many compliments. It is so cool when people ask about it to be able to say, 'My Dad did it!' Thanks, Dad! We love you!!!

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Shannon said...

Wow - It looks beautiful! Nice job!