Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Taylor's An Eagle!

Taylor with his Scout Master (L) and his Eagle Board
after receiving the good news that he passed!

I've been bombarded with requests for updates on The Empress and they are coming soon-promise! But first, I have to brag a bit about my oldest. Taylor has completed his Eagle Project and passed his Board of Review! He will have his Eagle Court of Honor at the end of this month with his best buddy, Kyle. Matt earned his Eagle at age 14 and Taylor has had a goal to beat him since he was a cub scout and he did it, completing his project and turning in his write up on his 14th birthday!

For his project, he oversaw the building and painting of 9 Blue Book Houses for Make Way For Books, an organization that promotes early childhood literacy in our community. These bookshelves are placed where families with children wait in social service settings. Children are encouraged to select a book and take it home with them. I've noticed one at the Juvenile Court building when I'm there doing adoption finalizations. He also organized a book drive and collected 825 books to fill the shelves. Taylor couldn't have done it without the tons of help he received from friends, neighbors and our church community. MWFB was so grateful for Taylor's contribution. You can see their write up about it on this website. Click on 'News' and then click on 'Fall 2009 Newsletter.'
Here's a pick of the completed project.
And a pic of the painting crew...

An Eagle and his proud momma...


Sherrie said...

Congratulations Taylor! That is really awesome. You must be a very very proud mommy ;)

Linda and David said...

Congratulations, Taylor!!!! That is awesome, we enjoyed meeting you so much in China. You are a great young man!!!!

David, Linda, and Micalee