Friday, September 25, 2009

Xander is 6!

Our brown-eyed baby boy turned six years old yesterday. He was proud to announce that he is the first kid to turn 6 in his kindergarten class.
Between the 3 boys, we are halfway through our second decade of Star Wars obsession in the Bouton household. All Xander asked for for his bday was the Star Wars dual action light saber. Just what I wanted was another weapon in the house but it looks like he wasn't disappointed.

Opening some more gifts-For years, Xander has been the little one into everyone else's birthday business. Now, Meili has taken over the role quite nicely. :)

The Birthday Boy with his cupcake tower.
The candles were supposed to look like light sabers but they were a little droopy.

Xander had a simple little Star Wars party (leftovers from Noah's party 5 months ago) with three of his best buddies. Here they are 'feeding Jabba.'

...and posing for the camera
Happy Birthday, Xanderbonie! We love you!!!

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