Saturday, November 28, 2009

Watching the Manatees

Not to far from where we live is a power plant. One of the byproducts of the power plant is warm water that is released into the bay. During the winter, this place turns into a spa for sea creatures looking to keep warm.
The power plant maintains a viewing center that is free to the public.
From a dock you can see dozens of manatees.

We could see their bodies too but the reflection from the water wouldn't let me get a good photo of them. I had told Matt that I wanted to arrange to swim with them until I saw the
3-5 foot sharks and stingrays jumping out of the water around them. I'd still do it, but someone would have to be standing on a boat nearby with a harpoon gun to protect me from 'Jaws.' Me and the kiddos plus Audrey's new friend.
Posing with the plastic manatee.
There is also a little educational center near the dock. Meili had fun looking at all of the displays.
and was happy to be included in the manatee race.
The manatee skeleton got her attention.
Finishing a puzzle (with some help.)

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