Thursday, January 07, 2010

19 Months Old...

and 19 things I love about Meili Grace...

  • How easily she learned how to 'beat box' from her siblings

  • How she will stop (even in the middle of a tantrum) to rock out to any music she hears

  • How she sucks her thumb and rubs the thumb-sucking hand with the other hand when she is about to fall asleep

  • How whenever she sees Matt and I kiss, she will pucker up for a kiss from both of us

  • How she calls her jammies her 'mimi's' and Noah, 'Wah Wah'

  • How if anything drops, she'll say 'uh-oh' repeatedly until someone picks it up

  • How she has learned all of the hand motions to the Popcorn Song and will use the same motions to embellish any other song she hears

  • How she is the first one to fold her arms and bow her head for prayer at dinner time

  • Her priceless giggle

  • How anytime Daddy picks her up after dinner time, she assumes it is time for her 'Bap' (bath)

  • How after she is dressed and her hair is done in the morning, she looks in the mirror and is so proud of herself

  • How she will smile at me and wave bye bye any time she leaves the room I am in

  • How she thinks that now that she can say and sign 'please', she should get anything she wants when she uses them. :)

  • How she loves to point out babies. This includes the doll variety and any child under the age of 5 when we are out in public.

  • How she tries to lead the music at church.

  • How she has learned to nod her head yes to any question because doing so usually results in her getting something or going somewhere.

  • How she claps her hands twice before reaching out to be held.

  • How her ponytails curl into little 'fireworks.'

  • How when she is being dressed, she waves and says 'hi' as each hand comes out of the sleeve.

When we were waiting, a month seemed soooo long. Now the months seem to fly by now that we have her home. I don't want to forget all of the little things that make Meili the amazing little girl that she is. We love you Meili Grace!


Courtney said...

Hi Mrs. Bouton!

Oh my goodnes!! She is just TOO cute! You have the most adorable little girl ever!!

We are doing well - we are waiting on TA for our little boy and are epecting it any day! We hope to leave for China late January.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy 19 months..
Soooo glad you updated your posts... Love the 18 things... tooo sweet.. I am going down to read the other post...

Sherrie said...

Welcome back to blog world. I have missed the regular updates. I hope this means they will be coming more frequently? I enjoyed reading all your most recent posts. How fun to be able to just hang out at the amusement park anytime you want! Meili sure is a cutie and is growing up so fast. Glad you are all settled in Florida. I really hope you enjoy your new home and your new state. Love Ya!