Saturday, August 20, 2011

Meili Goes to Preschool.....sniff, sniff.

Here's a picture of Mei in the preschool parking lot on the Saturday before school started, heading into the school to meet her new teachers. She looks excited, right?

Here she is in front of the preschool, still doing ok...

Once we got into the school, Meili wasn't so excited anymore. She didn't cry, but she didn't speak or make eye contact with anyone either. I took a couple of pictures, but I deleted them. It was just too hard to see her crawl back into her shell again.

Just two days later, it was time to send her to school. I was a nervous wreck and wondered how many weeks/months it would take before she was comfortable in her school environment. I had to turn in registration papers and in the 'What should we know about your child?' section, I included a lengthy paragraph about her tendency to be slow to warm up to new situations, particularly if they resemble an 'institution.'

Turns out, I should have left it blank. On the first day of school, Meili went with me to the boys school and had breakfast with them. She was so happy to see her friend, Emily there who is going to Kindergarten this year.

Next, it was time to drop Meili off. She did AWESOME!

Her teacher is blocked by a kid here, but she immediately went to her and started talking to her about her family picture. I don't think she even said goodbye to me but that's ok. She didn't cry!

She is having such a good time at school and asks me every morning if it is a school day! I was so worried...and all for nothing!

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