Tuesday, February 21, 2006

'Happiness' is...

in Chinese on our car window! I never thought I would be a vinyl-sticker-on-the-back-of-my-car kind of girl but I have succumbed! It kind of looks like Oscar the Grouch peeking out of his garbage can but it is in fact the Chinese symbol for 'happiness'-at least that's what the guy at the mall told me. I really wanted the Chinese symbol for 'family' but they didn't have it. Once I got home, I realized that the Chinese symbol for 'patience' might have been more appropriate!

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Lee-Anne said...

Hi Guys! I finally got around to putting all the DTC Feb blogs onto my page, so I'm making sure all my links work! Love the sticker - and you cracked me up with your last sentence re: patience! AMEN SISTER!!!
Sorry, who is this weirdo? You're thinking? Lee-Anne from Australia. We were DTC 2/2/06. WOO HOO! Have an awesome day! Hopefully with news of a LID!!!