Monday, February 27, 2006

Things I'll Be Doing Between DTC And Referral/Travel

1. Shopping!!! It's been a while since we could shop for little pink girly things!
2. Lots of housework-decorating, painting, getting the yard in shape, etc. (Won't be any time for that with 5 kids!)
3. Losing weight-12 pounds would be good, 17 would be great, and 27 would be amazing!
4. Getting Braces-should help with #3. No sugar, soda, popcorn,etc. for 9 months.
5. Learning some Mandarin.
6. Compiling and revising packing lists.
7. Catching up on scrapbooks.
8. Starting a Scrapbook for Meili.
9. Figuring out where to put her-none of our other kids have had a nursery, Meili will be no exception. I think she'll have a crib in our room when she comes home, then share with Audrey later once she has the whole "family" thing figured out and is secure.
10. Learning more about Chinese history.
11. Reading more about attachment/bonding.
12. Collecting Chinese children's books.
13. 100 Good Wishes Quilt-Curse whoever started this! I better do one or Meili's bound to hear about it one day and wonder where hers is at. Actually, I received our first square in the mail on Saturday (from Jackie, our home study social worker) and was so excited. I think the quilt will be fun afterall.

With all of this to do, there shouldn't be any time to worry about how long referrals might take...right? WRONG!!!


Shelli said...

I wasn't too sure about doing the quilt thing either. I am so glad that I decided to go with it. It is so fun to receive these beautiful and sweet wished from around the country. You will be so happy that you are doing it!

Lee-Anne said...

Was laughing as I read your list - it's almost identical to mine!!! I TOTALLY agree with the quilt-curse!!! I'm such a crappy sew'r (can't type sewer coz it looks like sewer - you know, toilet waste!!!)(spend more time unpicking than actually sewing!) but I'm looking forward to getting all the little squares of fabric from all over the world!!! If it all gets too hard - I'll paste them into a scrapbook!!!! At this stage I'm all psych'd about it...I haven't started sewing yet!!!
PS my friend's adopted a gorgeous girl from the Philippines and her name is Meili!!!