Friday, February 10, 2006


Well, we didn't make the Wednesday at 10:00 am cut-off to be DTC today. Our Dossier Consultant at Great Wall did say that since everything else is in order, if the authenticated I-171H were to show up sometime yesterday or even early today then she could still get it sent out by this afternoon. She is supposed to e-mail if that happens. So far.....nothing.

So, I don't know if we are going to be celebrating DTC tonight as a family or if I am going to go to a scrapbook party with a neighbor. I think if the former doesn't happen, only a chocolate covered caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory will do the trick. I may just do that anyway since I am getting BRACES in a few weeks and won't be able to manage the caramel for at least 9 months. Also, I had a crazy idea about going sugar-free from DTC to referral just to see if that might take care of these pesky 15 pounds that have taken up permanent residence on my hind-quarters-so the apple could be my one last hurrah! It's the Braces/Referral Wait diet plan...hope it works!

Will post later if I get any exciting news. Should have broken down and used the courier, I guess.

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Shelli said...

Jenn - I am so sorry! This has to be so frustrating.

That carmel apple sure looked good!