Friday, December 29, 2006

Desert Dwellers Get-Together...

I'll post a Christmas review complete with pics as soon as I find the camera but first things first...I sent out an announcement about this back in October. I can'tbelieve that January 13th is just around the corner!!!Plans are in the works for a get-together on Saturday, January 13th,2007 in Tucson, AZ for Desert Dwellers (and anyone who cares to makethe trip!) who are waiting for their Chinese daughters or sons.

Plans include meeting at a Chinese (or Mexican) restaurant for lunch (@ 11:30 a.m.),pedicures (because we will still be wearing flip-flops in January down here!), and then coming back to my home for dessert and China/adoption inspired fun and games.

It should be lots of fun and a chance to meet and visit with others in the same 'slow boat to China!' If you are interested in attending, leave a comment with your email address and include your vote for Chinese or Mexican cuisine. I'll send out a final email with details and directions next week. So far there are 4 of us planning to attend. Hope you can join us!


Lee-Anne said...

Oooohhh... we'd love to come... unfortunately we'll be in Bali! Oh yeah, and it'd take us about 2 days, and $10K to get there!!

Have an awesome time!
PS I'd defintely vote Chinese!

Mom-of-5 said...

Oh it sounds like such fun !!
Too bad you are not closer. I can't imagine flip-flops in Jan.
Have chinese !!
Can't wait to see the pictures.