Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Are we moving forward or backwards???

Remember this post? Well, it looks like it's burrito day again over here. We haven't received official word yet, but all signs point to another 2 day batch of referrals this month. It's happened only once before that I can remember but feels worse this time around for some reason. It must be the combo of having come so far and waited so long and still not knowing when our referral will come plus having the lovely opportunity to renew our paperwork for the third time and pay handsomely for it right around the corner.

Here are the results of yesterday's retail therapy-Meili's new carseat:

I love it! It's safe, girly, has a drink and snack holder-vital!, and the sides are deep enough to support her head when she falls asleep. We learned about the need for that the hard way... It also looks like it comes apart for cleaning quite easily which is great because each of our 4 children have puked in the carseat at one time or another. Best of all, it was less than a hundred bucks!!!

I also found a ladybug crib set here that I liked better than the one we bought previously so I switched them out. It looks much different in person than it does in the photo-much less pastel. The ladybugs are red, not pink and I really like the black details.

We had a great time shopping, but I still need a burrito...


Ava's family said...

I'm sure the cut-off date will be 1/27 because it's always the last day they processed. From what I understand the next known LID is 2/6 so the rebel in me is saying that the cut-off is February 5th. I can't even see their hidden box anyway, so I can call it whatever I want! =) It still stinks BIG-TIME, but the 2/5 cut-off helps me a wee bit!

I'm loving that carseat! I just love that girly fabric!! Also, love the ladybug crib set. Those are the same colors as we used in Ava's room. Hard to believe that I didn't go with ladybugs as much as I love them. We went with birds and I later found out that Ava's name means bird. Strange, huh?

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Hello..I am a lurker..
I have commented a couple times..
But I am LOVING that carseat..
Can't believe you go it under 100..
Hope there is more then 2 days.. but who knows what they will do..
Have a Great Week..

Shannon said...

Love the car seat! Nice choice!
Although now I want one! Doug won't be happy! :)