Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trip to Urgent Care

In preparation for our Olympic festivities last week, I had tucked a plate rack on the floor behind the desk in the office to make room for food on the kitchen counter. I never guessed that my 'hide your extra kitchen crap' place and Noah's perfect hide-and-seek hiding place were one and the same. The result was a one inch cut that wouldn't stop bleeding or stay shut with a butterfly bandage. These things only seem to happen on evenings or on weekends so off to Urgent Care we went.

Here he is sporting his new bracelet:

And feeling pretty brave before he learned that needles would be involved...
He should have had two stitches but the doctor was lucky to get the one in with the fit he threw.
We were supposed to return to the dr. in 10 days to have the stitch removed but mysteriously, it disappeared the next day. Not sure what happened there but it stayed shut so we're not complaining!

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