Monday, September 08, 2008

Sedona Getaway

Matt and I just returned from Sedona yesterday where we spent 2 1/4 days attending his cousin, Aprille's wedding and celebrating our own 15 year wedding anniversary. It was only the second time that we have taken a trip together without the kiddos in 13 years of parenthood. Needless to say, we had a blast! My only complaint is that we didn't have a couple more days and that we didn't do it sooner! Here are some pics:

THE ROOM-My only request was no southwest decor. I was happy!

I'm too lazy to rotate the pic but Matt says he expects the TP in our bathrooms to be folded like this in the future...

THE REHEARSAL DINNER-The food was amazing but the company was even better. It was great to visit with Matt's family and meet the newest additions, Bryan (Aprille's DH) and Marvi (Josh's DW.) Both of them seem like very kind people with fun personalities. I'm looking forward to getting to know them better!

Here's a pic of the bride and groom-

and Matt and I-

THE PINK JEEP TOUR: I had suggested that we take a hot air balloon ride for our weekend adventure but ultimately let Matt decide and I'm glad that I did. We took a 3 hour jeep tour. It was a combo off road/scenic tour. By the end, I think my internal organs were rearranged and I was in need of a chiropractor but it was a blast! I see now why my brother is into off-roading with his Jeep!

Ignore me-look at the pretty rock formations...

Yep, we came down that in a jeep!

After the jeep adventure, we met up with Bill and Debbie (Matt's parents) and Todd (Matt's brother) and John (Matt's uncle) and went through some art galleries. Here's Debbie trying out one of the rock chairs.

THE WEDDING PREPARATIONS-We checked in with Aprille after lunch to see how she was doing. She was cool as a cucumber and looked beautiful with her hair done!

THE WEDDING- Here's Josh and his new bride, Marvi. She's a sweetheart (and they have a bun in the oven!)

Here's Bryan and Aprille. The ceremony was beautiful and educational. We had never attended a Jewish wedding before but the wedding program explained the significance of each of the parts. I really liked the 'sand ceremony.'


Debbie and Bill-

And Todd-If you are planning a special event, he'd love to come and fold fancy napkins for you...;o)

HEADING HOME-On Sunday morning, after a sunrise walk and soak in the jacuzzi, we bid a sad farewell to our lovely accomodations and headed home. The last time we went away was for our 10th anniversary to NYC. Our goal used to be to take a trip together every 5 years. After this trip, I think an annual trip is in order!

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RDM Offroad said...

Sounds like you guys had a good time. Next time you are in town and have some free time we can take a few local trails in the Jeep and I won't charge you.