Friday, December 12, 2008

Some Progress and a Xander Funny

We can cross two more things off of 'The List.' I was able to sneak down to the health department and get the last round of my travel vaccinations yesterday. Glad to have those behind me! The lady who administered them asked why I was getting them. I said that I was going to China. (Wasn't in the mood for adoption talk, believe it or not...) She proceeded to say, 'Well, don't get sick over there. China wants you to think that they are advanced but they are not. What you saw during the Olympics was the only developed part... Everything else is NOT like that in China. I'm Japanese by the way.' I just smiled and nodded. I guess there is a little tension between the two countries???

I also received a phone call at 7pm from the orphan officer at our local USCIS office. She asked me when I'd like to have our fingerprinting appt. and gave us our first choice. We received our notification letters by email just a few minutes later. How cool is that? On December 20th, we'll have another paperwork hurdle behind us!

This afternoon, our I-600a renewal application will go out in the mail. When we have that new I-171H in the mail it will be such a relief!

So onto Xander... A few days ago, I picked Noah up from school and let the two little boys play on the playground while we waited for Audrey to get out of Band practice. There were a few other kids there as part of the afterschool program. One small boy proceeded to grab two fistfuls of leaves and throw them at Xander. I politely explained to him why that was not an appropriate thing to do and he walked away. Xander then turned to me and said, "Sheesh! Kids these days!" You said it, buddy.


Ava's family said...

Xander is not only adorable....He's funny!

How cool that you have an *in* with your USCIS office and get to pick your fingerprint appt! Totally cool!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Xander is tooo cute..
Sounds like you are getting things off that list..
Have a Great Weekend..

OziMum said...

Great news about your fingerprinting!

Thanks for the chuckle with both your vaccination & Xander stories!!!

Kimi said...

What a beautiful beautiful family you have. I am so glad I came across your blog...just in time to follow your journey, it won't be long EXCITING!