Friday, January 30, 2009

Not sure how he stays upright...

I stopped Taylor on his way out the door this morning to weigh his backpack. 38 pounds! He doesn't weigh much more than that himself! He is going to have scoliosis if he keeps carrying it. His school does not have lockers-and having been a teacher in a jr. high with lockers, I agree with the policy. He does have a set of books for home use so he does not have to carry them around but while at school if he finishes his work in one class, he likes to be able to work on homework for another. He usually does his math homework (Geometry in 8th grade!) on the bus ride home and comes home with little or no additional homework which is a great thing. I asked him if he would consider a backpack with wheels but apparently it would be open season on him if he did. Not sure what the solution is.

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