Friday, January 23, 2009

Retail Therapy

Well, I knew last week's positive rumors were too good to be true but here I am disappointed AGAIN with the measley 2 day batch of referrals the CCAA sent this month. I thought they would either match to the 3rd or to the 6th. The 2ND never even crossed my mind. I feel like we are just a few good strides from the finish line but are being forced to get there by dragging ourselves along the ground. With one arm. And the ground is covered in glass. And the arm is broken. And I weigh 450 pounds. And the finish line keeps moving farther away. Get the idea?

Anyway, it was a good mail day yesterday at Casa Bouton. My China gift loot all came, as well as my Lucky Mommy shirt. But the big news is that our third (and better be last!) I-171H arrived in the mail. That's a huge relief!!! Our next worry will be that our home study expires June 6th. I was holding out hope that we might be travelling to China by then but after this stupid two day batch, I'm not counting on it. I'll wait until the 1st week of March and then make a call. Our home study has been renewed twice already so we get to 'start from scratch' with this one. Joy.

So, what did I do today to make myself feel better? Well, I bought a 2nd Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag. Yes, I think I'm officially an addict. A 'secret' outlet sale started a couple of days ago. I've been visiting this bag at a local boutique for almost 4 years. It was 65% off and I couldn't resist. But that's it. The madness ends here. That's what Matt said, anyway.

So, it's time to regroup and keep busy for another month, or two or three. Thankfully, there's plenty to do. On Monday, I'm visiting Noah's 2nd grade class and doing a Chinese New Year presentation. I get to play teacher for 2 hours! My plan is to teach them some Mandarin (4 tones, counting 1-10 and a few phrases), let them eat a snack with chopsticks, make a paper lantern, read a couple of CNY children's books and pass out hong bao (red envelopes.) It should be fun!

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Lisa and Tate said...

I am sooooo bummed about the two day batch!! I am not shocked that I did not get Tate's referral, but also thought they would go thru at least March 5th.

Such a cute diaper bag!! I have decide to just use my oversized handbag and add baby stuff to it. I did buy a skip hop clutch that can hook to the stroller or grab for a quick change. I also do not think Tate will be soooooo young that bottles and diapers will be a short lived need.

Just love your analogy (sp?)of the race to referral.... broken arms, glass, moving finish line...Made me laugh!