Monday, January 19, 2009

Referral Day Prep

Last week, some crazy rumors about a huge batch (that would include us!) started making their way through the queendom. Just to see it in print about sent me into hysterics but the rational side of me thinks it has to be a load of crap, especially considering that the behemoth March 7th has yet to be referred. At the same time, the practical side of me says that I had better be safe than sorry and get ready for the big day just in case. After almost three years of waiting, I REFUSE to be caught with my pants down! Here's what we have been up to in preparation for the big day, bullet style:

  • Updated email address book, made a Family Referral Email contact group and a Friends Referral Email contact group for initial announcement. Don't worry, I'll post to the blog shortly thereafter and any of you that I have corresponded with by email are in the Friends group.

  • Added new links to the Adoption Resources section of my sidebar-including links to Asian Growth Charts, a China Province Map, Photo Album Labels for Meili's care package, and a link to orphanage specific Yahoo groups. I've also printed out an Asian growth chart as well as a series of links to translate Meili's name once we get ahold of the Chinese characters. Am I missing anything?

  • Purchased a tripod for the new video camera. I hope that I'm at home and have the presence of mind to turn it on when the call comes in.

  • Purchased the 'Lucky Mommy' t-shirt that I've had my eye on for 3 years. It's on sale here!

  • Ordered SafTPops for the care package and some to take to China with us.

  • Ordered Jelly Bellys for the Orphanage/Nanny gifts

  • Bought some American Ginseng for the gift bags.

  • Crossed several other items off of 'The List' which I will update later. The problem is that I can think of things to add to the list faster than I can cross them off!

  • Assembled a Referral Day Basket-I'll take a picture later. It has my call sheet, my ladybug pen, kleenex, chocolate, assorted snack items for the stress snacker (me), a frame for Meili's picture, Martinellis, the camera, video camera and tripod in it. Am I missing anything? If I end up having to go to Matt's office to get the call with him, I'll just grab the basket and go. When referrals are imminent, I might just have to drive around town with the basket in the passenger seat. I love Karen of Gwenblog's referral video (darn, can't find the link on y-tube-but she managed to video herself as she received the call in her car mainly driving down the highway...) but I'd like to avoid recreating it if possible. ;o)

Now that I've got most of my ducks in a row, I've probably ensured that our referral won't arrive this month but I'll be ready when it finally does. This feels alot like a birthing plan. After 4 births, I can fully assure you that these don't always pan out. I'm hoping with the referral we at least hit some of the marks!


Lisa and Tate said...

OHMYHECK!!! What am I missing? I thought I would just answer the phone and grab a piece of paper to write on... I guess I need to come up with an adoption call plan too!!

Thanks for the links... I am sure I will be refering to this soon....

I would be in shock if the gianormaous March 7th is in this batch... maybe up to 7th but not planning on it included....

Hope I am wrong and will be in shocked.


Alyson and Ford said...

You are so prepared!!
We decided to go to our agency's office (a mere 3 hour drive) so I baked a couple of cheesecakes to eat during our face to face meeting!
You really brought back memories when you mentioned Karen's video. My DH yelled at me to watch the crazy lady's referral tape - yep, it was Karen. Our first "exposure" to her and our crazy life we were going to have!
Just grinning at all the memories.

Alyzabeth's Mommy for FOUR Months
LID 01/27/06
Referral Day 8/12/08
Forever Family Day 09/16/08

Ava's family said...

I need to come back to your blog later today and start taking notes! I was thinking I'm getting close to being ready, but YOU woman are prepared!!!

Janine said...

Hey Jennifer, Matt, and Family!!

Brice and I wish you the best of luck and we are holding our breath until the next batch comes in... (so you'd better update us when you find out!) We love you guys and we're very happy that this long wait is soon to be over :)

Good luck!!!

Heidi said...

Hey woman, are you sure you aren't OCD? I got a kick out of your list. I guess having 3 years to wait truly does give you the time to dot every i and cross every t! :-)

My vote is to definitely take Audrey and Taylor. We added more thousands than I care to count by taking our four kids with us, but the memories and the bonding time they had with their new brother was priceless.