Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Adoption Website Giveaway!

So, here's the scoop! I have a certificate for a My Adoption Website, Package A ($150 value!) Matt and I won this eons ago at a China adoption conference. We fully intended to use it but I have become quite attached to our little spot here in the blogosphere and it is meeting our needs. I don't have the time or the energy to set up another website right now. The good news is that the certificate says that it never expires and can be transferred to another family.

If you are interested, here's what you need to do: Leave a comment on this post and include your first name, Log In Date and email address so I can hunt you down easily if you are the winner. Next Monday, the 22nd, I'll number the blog comments from first to last. I'll have one of my children pick a number at random or from a hat. If the drawn number corresponds to your post on the blog, then you are the winner! My adoption website donates 10% of the fee for each website to Half the Sky. Since Meili is benefitting from their services right now, may I suggest that if you win, you donate 10% of the fee ($15) to that organization. Thanks and good luck!

ps-I realize that most of my blog friends are already home with their kiddos. Feel free to pass the word along to anyone that you know that may be able to use this adoption website service!


thinking of you said...

I just took at look at the website, they really do create beautiful pages.
My name is Elisabeth. My husband Sean and I have a March 21st LID for our first child. We are on the edge of our seats to hear some rumours!!!! Our agency says likely July...I sure hope so!
E-mail address is: e_christe@hotmail.com

Thanks and I look forward to (hopefully) hearing from you next week!
Good luck and congratulations to you and your family!

A little about me... said...

My name is Amy. My husband Christopher and I have a LID of 4/16 and have just accepted an SN referral of a little 2 1/2 year old girl. Email address: amy.anderson@ttuhsc.edu

Thanks for offering to do this and I wish you the best on your adoption journey, it has been a blessing to us.

loplop said...

Hi! Awesome idea, and congrats on your referral! Here's hoping that TA comes PRONTO.

I'm Nate; my wife Jennifer and I are LID 3/14/2006 and just received referral. We will likely travel in mid July, which can't come SOON ENOUGH!! Email is discoii @ mac . com (remove spaces), I'm loplop on the RQ forums...

Maybe you guys will travel at the same time as us :)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

My name is Kim LID 4/28/07..
email is chinadoll_bella@yahoo.com

I would love to have the kids pick ISABELLA'S Journey..
Thank you for giving all of us the chance to win..
How have you been.???
I think we need an update on all the craziness.. I am sure you are packing and getting ready for China all in one..
Have a great weekend...

Theresa said...

From Thersa, Kelly's Mama
Hi. What a cool idea! I would like the chance to create a site for my 6 year old from China. In 2004, blogs were just starting up and I was just learning about all this stuff. I would love to have Kelly help to share her story with family and friends and backrtack and share her China trip story for a keepsake.
Thanks, Theresa in Canada

The Harringtons said...

Hello, my name is also Theresa and we have LID 082906. My email address is tdreinke@yahoo.com. We are excited about our pending adoption..we asked for twins! Good luck to all and thanks for doing this!