Monday, June 15, 2009

Taylor and Audrey are Going to China!


We have always wanted to take our oldest two children to China with us. However, we had not made them any promises. We thought we could wait until we saw what airfare looked like once we had travel dates to decide but found ourselves looking at a visa application last week and realized that a decision had to be made that day.

Matt and I came home from a weekend getaway last September with a scorpion sucker for Taylor. We told him that we didn't know if we could take him to China with us since he is such a picky eater and we were concerned that he might starve to death. We showed him the sucker and told him that if he could eat the whole thing, then he could go to China. The sucker has stayed on a shelf in a cupboard for the last 9 months. So, last Monday we told him that this was it-eat the sucker and go to China or don't. It was of course a joke but it was fun to see just how far he was willing to go to meet his sister in China. Enjoy the video!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

OK... cracking me up here...
TOOO FUNNY.. we have not decided either.. but will decide when it gets closer...
Have a great week.
I am getting sooo excited for you girly..

Mark and Heather said...

Chalk it up to a valuable life lesson learned...sometimes you have to suck it up to get to the prize!
ps...when did you say the next class was starting?

Cate said...

Does Meili know exactly what kind of family she's getting? That's so funny especially the cough at the end.