Friday, February 05, 2010

Florida State Fair

In Utah, the kids had school off for Pioneer Day. In AZ, it was the Rodeo and here in FL there is a school holiday for the fair. I couldn't convince the kids that actually attending the fair was optional so off we went. We didn't plan to do any rides but I knew we would have to do this one as soon as I saw it. It takes me back to my childhood.
Noah in the lead.
Audrey racing her friend.
The Mom's Race-Yep, I lost.
Cookie decorating.
Brushing the very patient cow.
The food at any fair is always interesting. In the south, they take it to the next level. Do you see the sign for 'FRIED BUTTER' and 'FRIED PEPSI' in there? Crazy.
I let the kids pick one item. They chose a fried Snicker bar and split it 5 ways (I picked up lunch for them on the way home.) I smelled it-not worth the calories to actually eat it!
You can see here that Meili was done with the fair. It was noon and she was overdue for her nap. She actually did us all quite a favor. We left right after this picture was taken. Shortly after we got home, a tornado came through the fair and took out a few of the large tents. We heard that it was chaos and several people had to be hospitalized. Thanks for the meltdown, Meili!Fried Snicker Bar

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Sherrie said...

I'm so jealous of those short sleeved shirts! :) But the State Fair in the middle of winter? That is just hard to believe! Glad you got out of there before that tornado hit. That is one reason why I would not want to live in that part of the country... that and gators and snakes... Yuck! For the weather? ABSOLUTELY!