Thursday, July 08, 2010

First Professional Portraits

Since Meili-Grace has turned two and it's almost been one year since we met her, I thought some professional photos were in order. Part of me wishes that I had done it sooner, but I don't think she would have enjoyed it very much. Today went ok-She was done before it got started, but there were a couple of good shots. My goal is to take her back often enough that she will get comfortable. The next challenge will be getting a decent shot of all FIVE kids. That's 10 eyes that have to be looking at the camera at the same time and five faces that have to not have a goofy look on them at the same time. It may not be possible!
Finally got my 100 Good Wishes Quilt Shot!
Is it too late to send out an adoption announcement??? :)

Still can't believe I get to kiss those cheeks everyday!


Emily said...

I love them! What a little doll. She's so beautiful!

Kim said...

Love the photos..
She is tooooo CUTE..
love it..
Have a great weekend..

Linda and David said...

I love the quilt picture! What a beautiful smile! She did good! Maybe Micalee would surprise me & we'd be able to get good professional photos of her, too!

Sherrie said...

You are so blessed to have such a sweet little girl as your daughter! Total Cuteness!

The Jansen 5 said...

Hey Jenn! She is getting so big. These photos came out great. Email me your address so I can send her some bows.



Christie said...

Girl! She is DELICIOUS! I don't know how you can stand NOT to kiss those sweet cheeks...

Well, I do. You've seen Keira's cheeks. I spend a great deal of my time devouring her. I totally get it.


Lisa and Tate said...


Dana said...

Totally irrisitable! At this age they all are, but she is over the top. So fun how well she fits in and looks like your famiy to me. My Meili's latest nickname at home is "Squisher" because everyone just can't resist squishing her with hugs so much. Love it!