Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meili's Racehorse!

We knew when we named our daughter, 'Meili' that there might be some issues associated with the choice such as being called 'Miley' (happens almost every day...) or never being able to find her name on a personalized keychain, etc. Who needs a keychain with your name on it when you can have your own personalized RACEHORSE??!!!
Matt's Mom is a secretary/personal assistant for a man that, among other things, owns racehorses. One of her recent tasks was to name his up and coming racehorses. Grandma Debbie had the daunting task of taking the horses' parentage into consideration and interjecting some of her grandchildrens' names into the mix. The results were Maya's Mystery (already racing and recently placed 3rd!), Thorin's Cash Flow and....Meili's Fiery Song. Isn't she pretty?
The equine Meili is living about 80 miles away from us here in sunny Florida. She should be ready to race in the fall and could start doing well as early as this winter. It will be interesting to see how she does! Thanks for thinking of Meili, Grandma Debbie!

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