Monday, July 19, 2010

Meili and Avery

I'm back-posting these pics that I just found from October 8th of 2009. Meili had been home from China for just about two months. These pictures were taken in the courtyard of one of our favorite outdoor malls in AZ where our group of waiting moms would often get together for lunch and to comiserate about the growing referral wait times. This was probably the first time that Shannon and I got together with our girls at this location. She was sweet enough to grab my camera and take some shots of Meili and I. I've been going back through pictures of the past year and these are some of the very few pictures I have of Meili and I together since I'm usually the one behind the camera so I'm glad to have these. Shannon and I met right around the time that we were logged in and met for lunch almost monthly until we received our referrals (on the same day!) Looking at these pictures reminds me of just how long the wait was to bring our girls home and how blessed we were to have great friends along the way.


Courtney said...

Hi Mrs. Bouton! WOW, Meili is growing up so fast and is SO cute!! I can't believe it's been a year.

We had Lori Chang out last week for our homestudy and she is so nice! I'm sure she told you, but we are adopting another little boy from China! He is in Hubei province. Isaac is doing so well - we just wish you could still be here in Arizona to come out for the post placement visits and meet him!

Hope your family is doing well,
Courtney Krause

Victoire et ses heureux parents said...

what lovely babies !
her smiles a so beautiful, very happy to see happy chinese babies.

friendly from France
Severine mother of Victoire from Jiangsu