Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adoption Nesting

Yep, it does exist and I'm convinced it's worse than the variety that preceeds birth because you are still in an able-bodied state.

My referral day prep is done and we've done as much baby/travel preparation as we can do without Meili's referral information. So, I've moved on to the housework section of the nesting list and it's a doozy. I can remember quite clearly how much a person can't get done once a new baby enters the scene so I'm trying to think of every feasible household chore that may have to be done in the next year or so and cramming it into the next two weeks.
I spent 4 hours on Saturday reorganizing and purging the master bathroom cabinets and drawers and another couple of hours raking rocks and trimming bushes in the front yard and sweeping gravel out of the street in front of our house. There is definitely some psychosis at work here. The good news, though, is that we'll be more than ready for home study #4 next month!


Ava's family said...

I've been looking at packing lists, etc. I've also been back to your blog taking notes on your lists! I love how organized you are!!

Debbie said...

The early rumors on RQ make it look like we may be in China together. Feeling a bloggy bash in GZ.

Pug Mama said...

I have been nesting for a couple of months now!