Monday, March 23, 2009

Easy Project Idea-Hooded Bath Towel

I love the soft little hooded baby towels that you can buy at the store but once your baby is more than a couple of months old, they aren't long enough to keep their feet from sticking out during the after-bath cuddle time and cold feet=unhappy baby. This one will last well into toddlerhood!
Seriously. If I can do this, anyone can. All you need is a bath towel and a coordinating wash cloth. I picked these up from a going out of business sale a while back so not only was this easy, it was also cheap!
First, you take the washcloth and fold it in half. Sew along one of the short sides.

Turn it right side out and you have a hood!

Place your hood right sides to right sides (and your towel may or may not have a wrong side) centered on the long end of the towel like so:

Pin it and sew it:

And there you go! See, told ya' it was easy!

Thanks for modeling, Audrey!

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