Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break 2009

Looks pretty wild, eh? Unfortunately, this is what Casa Bouton looked like for most of the break. Xander started us off with the stomach bug to end all stomach bugs, then the rest followed suit with the flu-and not just the sniffles with a fever that some people call the flu. This was full out In-flu-en-za. I've determined that we will be first in line for flu shots next year!

By Thursday, I decided that my mental health was suffering more than the kids' physical health so we left the confines of home and went to an indoor inflatable play place in the morning and went to the roller rink in the afternoon. On Friday, we met friends at the park with a picnic lunch and had a wonderful time. On Friday night, Matt and I went to a dinner party at a friend's house and played the 'Newlywed Game.' It was a blast but there are certain social circles that I may not be able to show my face at any time soon...;o) We came home Friday night to find that poor Xander finally caught what the rest had. He's still fighting a fever and is losing his voice. I'm hoping the older kids will all be well enough to go to school tomorrow and that Xander can make it to preschool by Tuesday.

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