Thursday, April 30, 2009

Clear as Mud

The following statement released today by CC*A doesn't specify whether referrals will be delayed this month or not and doesn't really say whether travel approvals will continue to be issued either. It seems to say that if you were planning to come soon, your agency may suggest that you postpone your trip. But if not, when you're here, go to the hospital if you get sick. Hopefully, our agency will be able to clarify for us soon.

Date of Release: April 30,2009   Source: CC*A

Adoption agencies:

Currently there are cases of human infection of the swine flu found in some countries and regions. With the high infectivity of this disease, children are susceptible to it for their low resistance. In order to avoid cross infection during the process of adoption registration and protect the health of children in orphanages as well as the adoptive parents, we hereby announce that:

Adoption agencies are required to counsel the adoptive parents who have received Notice of Coming to China for Adoption to postpone their trip to China for the registration procedure.
The validity period of Notice of Coming to China for Adoption issued between March 1 to April 30 this year is prolonged from three months to five months (There is no need to update the paper).

Adoptive families are advised to follow the arrangement of local registration authorities and cooperate during the entrustment of child for the harmony period and the adoption registration process.

If adoptive parents feel unwell during their stay in China for the registration procedure, they shall go to the hospital for medical checkup in time and report to CCAA about relevant situation.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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Luna said...

Yes, I'm hoping our agency will make a statement on their take on this soon.

I think that they didn't mention referrals....It's a good sign that they still are sending them.