Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not Sure What To Think

It's been a rough day. I had a bag of chocolate for breakfast and an In-n-Out burger for lunch... Since the last post, an agency in Canada has confirmed the bad news. However, I did email our agency and they said they have no confirmation of any delays from CCAA. In fact, they expect to receive a few travel approvals (TAs) this week. Not sure if it's reason to be optimistic or just an indication that they are not yet in the loop of what's going on. RQ reports that an agency has been in contact with CCAA and that they have confirmed that there will be no delay. Just when we thought the roller coaster ride couldn't get any wilder! We should have some more info tomorrow as it is the day before CCAA takes off for their Labor Day holiday and the day we would expect referrals to be mailed if all is well.

My thought for the day: "Adoption is not for sissies!!!"

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Lisa and Tate said...

Oh Jenn.... I am so sorry! I am going to keep my head in the sand and still believe there will referrals soon and TA!!! I will say the wait from referral to TA has been the hardest. You stare at the picture, read the history and want to know more.

Prayers going out that this Swine Flu does not affect us!