Monday, April 27, 2009

Is this our week?

So far this morning, no emails from our agency and no news on the web about a confirmed cut-off date or any packages being sent. It's still looking like Friday the 1st or Monday the 4th. We're in the home stretch!

*UPDATE: Our agency sent an email earlier today that said that they have not received any updates from CC*A-no indication that matching has begun, no news about packages being sent, nothing about a possible cut-off date. No worries-this could still be our week. Last month, they still had no info as referral packages arrived throughout the world. At this point, it really could be any day.


Luna said...

I hope you get some news soon!!!!

Lisa and Tate said...

It seems the last few months, including the month of Tate, rumors were few, but suddenly referrals! This just might be what will happen with you. Be prepared, it could be anytime! Crossing fingers that it is now!