Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bathing Beauty

The weather here in Guangzhou has been hot (95?) and humid so the pool has been a popular hangout.  The first time I tried to get in the water, I had a lifeguard approach me and say, 'Ma'am, please do not wear your trousers in the swimming pool.'  They were board shorts!  Seriously, they would rather see my fat, pasty white thighs???  I just don't get it....


What I observed from the side of the pool while wearing my 'trousers' is that the foreigners were frolicking in the water and jumping in from the side, etc. while the Chinese adults and children were in their full get-up (goggles, swim cap) and swimming laps with perfect precision or doing water aerobics type activities.  I noticed the same thing in Nanchang.


Meili isn't too big of a fan of the water. She doesn't cry but will just cling to us for dear life so we don't keep her in there for too long.  She gets really happy and perks up when we wrap her in a towel to dry her off.  I love how her hair curls up when it is wet-she really has pretty hair!


Rick said...


She's adorable and this blog is great! That's all. :)

Rick, Amy & Stone (oh, and Timber and Hobbes)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Meili is tooo cute in that swimsuit..
Love it..