Friday, August 28, 2009

First Time at Church

Last Sunday we took Meili to church for the first time. She did pretty well, although I spent most of the time wandering the halls with her. Noah and Xander wore the outfits we bought for them in China. Poor Noah was having a bad day...

We are having a hard time photographing Meili. If I put her on the ground to snap a picture she is sitting on my lap or at my feet by the time I can get the camera in position. If she's in someone else's arms and I'm behind the camera, this is usually what we get...:)


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Oh.. sweet girl.. she is loving her Mommy..
Love the photo of all the kids..

DebbieLP said...

I promise, it gets better. Almost all of our early photos of Mei aren't very good, as she was pushing away from someone and was sucking on her fingers; she also refused to look at the camera or make eye contact with us, so...but in time, she 'got it' and so will Meili.

Debbie in Mesa