Friday, May 07, 2010

Muffins With Mom

I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at school with my littlest boy today. He has the funniest little personality. Never a dull moment...
He also unveiled the Mother's Day creations
that he has been working on for me (caps=his words):
My mother has GREEN eyes and BLACK hair.
My mother likes to HUG ME.
I make my mother laugh when I SAY SOMETHING SILLY.
I love it when she cooks SOUP.
I don't like it when she cooks SALAD WITH TOMATOES.
She likes when I help her TAKE CARE OF THE BABY!
I love my Mother!

Like my new hairstyle? I call it 'humidity hair.'

This is Xander standing in front of the infamous class behavior chart. His entire world these days revolves around trying to stay in the 'green' for the whole school day (as opposed to the yellow, orange and red options.) If he spends his days mostly in green, maybe in yellow for a brief period, he gets a sticker on his chart that comes home. 5 stickers and it is off to Sonic for Happy Hour on Friday. We have had a few missing stickers this year, but none since the bribe was put in place!
I just love this boy! (To prove it, I'm off to make him some salad with extra tomatoes...:)

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